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We take customer satisfaction seriously and we want your business to succeed. As with most businesses in the 21st Century, they have have a website. Most jobs today involve technology.

If you are someone who isn’t into technology or doesn’t know what you want in your website, we can put together a range of websites where you can pick and choose what you want without a cost. From here, we can make you the perfect website.



Fast Line Media expanded in October 2017 from Specialist Web Designs allowing us to provide more services for you to choose from!

Fast Line Media was founded in October 2017 having expanded from Specialist Web Designs which was set up in 2015, although having created websites for many years before that, it gave me an insight that I could setup my own business. Through many years of studying ICT and Website Design, I could see a gap in the market with the skills that I have to make you a modern and professional website. All of my websites are custom made and designed to suit you. If you don’t know what you want on your website, we can also help!

As well as creating websites, we also provide a Computer Management Program that will allow all your computers, from 1 computer to 101, we can have the computers in your business running at their all time best! This is a new service which was setup in 2016 after many years of studying and being able to put it into practise. We have already had so much positive feedback.

With the expansion of Fast Line Media, we can now provide you with Photography, Graphic Design and App Design as well as Email Design!